fun games like club penguin

July 14, 2009

these are all the games i know which are like club penguin

Panfu: A game which you are a panda and you walk and talk ,do quests , earn levels and have fun

Chobots: You are a alien doing things to help save the world

Bin Weevils: You are a weevil bug thing and live in a bin you can train your bin pet to juggle and things

Tootsville: Your a elephant who likes to rock!

Ourworld: A bit teenagerish but you can do quests and talk like all the games above (loads of quests)

Howrse: Virtual horse game where you can ride your horse,groom and look after them

Babydow: Virtual baby game like howrse but with babys (obviously you cant ride them)

Poptropica: 100% free no need to be a member like on other games just take clothes off other people😉

Millsberry: Good game but you cant walk and talk

Spineworld:Old game even if no-ones heared of it but its alright…

Everthinggirl: Of course everthing about girls- boys beware pink ,pink, pink…

Webosaurs: Dinosaur game its beta (that means its new and hasn’t officially launched ,if your wondering what that means go look in a dictionary and stop wasting my time)

Runescape: Really boyish but girls can play too

Yoobot: Stuff yourself  fat  or starve yourself  to make you thin

Planet Cazmo : A fun game with loads of celebrity concerts (find out what i mean)

Heres a website which has loads of virtual  games:

Pandanda :  Your a panda in this good game for kids!

Fashion fantasy

if you comment ill make another page and write down the games you lot have gave me!!!


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